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30 Day Blog Building Blueprint

30 Day Blog Building Blueprint

Building a blog is both a necessity and for some, a hassle. It can be intimidating going through the technical steps needed to get WordPress installed and operational, but the reality is, it’s an easy process as long as you know which order to do it in.

Inexperience can lead to fear and frustration. This is usually an issue when a newbie tries to launch a blog in a few minutes, and ends up with some questions they need answers to, causing the process to grind to a halt.

In this 30 day blueprint, you can build a blog with ease by simply logging in and tackle one small task at a time. You’ll eliminate worry about technical steps and time management and still be enjoying forward momentum in getting your business off the ground.

Day 1: Use QuickInstall to Bring WordPress to Your Domain

QuickInstall is an easy, built-in feature on your cPanel that allows you to sign up for WordPress and with the click of a button, allow it to install a blog on your domain. You don’t need to know any coding yourself.

Inside cPanel, you’ll see a QuickInstall option under the Software category. Choose the free WordPress install and enter the information it asks for. This is typically administrative details like your name and email address.

You can choose where you want your blog installed, and then after clicking the installation option, it will let you know when the process is complete. Make sure you copy your credentials and save them in a file so you can log into your blog with ease....

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