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30 Day Affiliate Content Idea Blueprint

30 Day Affiliate Content Idea Blueprint

Coming up with ongoing affiliate content can start to get a bit difficult over time. You might feel like you’re saying the same stuff over and over again. That can be problematic because you need to offer content that causes your customers to remain loyal.

If you’re always giving them the same old tired information, they’re going to move on - and probably to your competitor. New content isn’t really difficult to come up with. You just need to know how to present the information in a way that shows it in a new light.

As an affiliate, you’ll be creating a consistent flow of product reviews. While some people use the same format again and again, it’s good to have a few different ways to review items so readers don’t get bored.

Below, you’ll find 30 days’ worth of varying slants you can use for product reviews. Go through each one and then recycle them on a monthly basis, to keep your blog fresh and your readers coming back for more.

Day 1: Create Content About Various Items

There are so many different items or products that you can write about for one problem or need. People want guidance and they like when they have content that walks them through the ins and outs of a variety of products or content that talks about what’s good and what’s bad when looking to buy something.

You can write a detailed report on these products today. To understand how to format it, look for publications that talk about buyers’ guides. Consumer Reports does this well, such as a buyer’s guide to electric lawn mowers.

Sometimes, they’ll be broken down by the numerous choices offered such as a push mower, electric or riding mower. Make a review report or blog post about the information you find.

Talk about how helpful the products are, some good about it and any drawbacks. You can also talk about the many different options there are, and how the consumer should shop for whatever is best for their needs....

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