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Using Tools and Templates to Cut Corners Effectively

Using Tools and Templates to Cut Corners Effectively

One great way to utilize tools and systems within your online entrepreneurial business is to embrace the concept of tools and templates. Many newbies like to hang on to old fashioned ways of doing things because it's what they're used to.

If there is a tool that can quickly and easily help you achieve any of your goals, you may want to set aside the funds and invest in it. For example, instead of having to methodically map out your search engine optimization (SEO), you could use a plugin on your blog that has a form that you fill out to ensure everything is taken care of.

Templates are a great way to systemize elements of your business. Canva is a great example of this. This is a free tool that also has a professional paid level, that you can use to create many different things.

You can tap into readymade templates that you can use for things like eCovers, slide presentations, social marketing posts, and more. Using their free system, you can tailor these items to whatever types of fonts and colors you prefer.

If you want to, you can even create your own templates to use within their system over and over again. You can start from scratch once and then return to your own template repeatedly whenever you need to make a new object.

You can also create a template for things such as sales letters. If you sell the same types of things over and over again, it makes sense to have a template that you have tweaked to perform well for you, where you can simply update it for each new launch...

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