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Delegating and Outsourcing to Free Up Time

Delegating and Outsourcing to Free Up Time

Because your time is so precious as an online entrepreneur, you want to hand over any tasks that makes sense for someone else to do. Not everything is able to be handled by another party.

In fact, you don't want it to be. Part of the reason you got involved in this career may be because you want to be your own boss and make all of the decisions. There are some things that only you can and should be handling.

But there are many tasks that are considered grunt work or menial tasks that you can put on to someone else’s plate so that you can work on more important things. Think of everything you do in your business that takes a lot of time and effort.

For example, content creation can be a very tedious task for many online marketers. You may not have the skills it takes to be able to turn out content for your info products, email autoresponders, social networking posts, blog posts, and more On a regular basis.

Finding a good ghostwriter or using private label rights content can be a great way to outsource the task to someone else. If you use a ghostwriter, you will be assigning a specific piece of work to someone else and waiting for it to be completed.

If you want to outsource the content aspect, but you don't have time to wait, then you may want to invest in bundles have private label rights content that allow you to edit and tweak the verbiage and put your name on it as your own.

Another thing you can outsource or delegate to someone else is the publishing of that content anywhere you need it. And administrative assistant can post to your blog, put the content in a social marketing group for you, and send out an email on your behalf.

The key to success in delegating like this is to find someone that you trust. They must be reliable in terms of time and consistency. You don't want to hire anyone with a volatile personality who may try to sabotage your business at the first sign of a disagreement...

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