Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success -7 - Must Have Solutions

Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success -7

I Don't Know Why I Never Succeed

There are some people who are so stuck in their confusion that it causes them to continually fail. These are not people who are confused about strategies or technological tools.

These are individuals who are confused about why they can never achieve their goals. In their eyes and mind, they have followed all of the instructions that they were given. They have done everything others have done, and yet they still sit on the sidelines unable to earn a living online while others have soared right past them.

You can’t figure out why you lack success if you’re unwilling to take a deep dive into your processes and efforts. If you are simply looking on the surface and comparing your journey to others, you won’t see all of the little nuances that make a difference.

The truth is, sometimes you can look at someone else’s journey and not see the small changes that contributed to their success. For example, you may have both invested in the same course and implemented its lessons.

However, the other person may have privately contacted the vendor to ask one or two additional questions that helped clarify something for them. That one small change, which you didn’t know about, could have altered the entire course for them.

You may have gotten started at the same time as someone else in this industry, pursuing a similar niche and business model. While they have started earning money, you are still stuck going nowhere.

You can’t understand why, because on the surface, it seems as if you both did the same things. But unless you look at every single thing they did, you’ll never know why they’re seeing different results.

They may have spent extra time studying strategies such as improved sales conversions. Or, maybe they devoted more hours to content creation than you did. Perhaps they hired an editor for their eBooks and info products and they were better received by the general public than yours have been.

If you are baffled about comparing yourself to someone else, there’s no harm in asking them about their journey. All they can do is say no. But you want to make sure you approach them with specific questions, not generalities.

If, over time, you still can’t figure out why others are succeeding where you are failing, you may want to revisit your choices of niche and business model and pursue a different path where you might have a better shot at competing.


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