Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success -11 - Must Have Solutions

Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success -11

I'm Not Lucky Enough to Get Rich

Have you ever found yourself consumed by envy when it comes to looking at the success of other online entrepreneurs? Even before you begin your own journey, it’s hard to avoid wishing you were in their shoes.

This is a normal, human emotion that you can either allow to sabotage your success or light a fire inside of you to succeed. It’s one thing to admire someone for the effort they have put into building a business and wish you were as far along as they were in your own journey.

It’s another to assume they simply got lucky and hit the lottery in terms of striking it rich with their entrepreneurial career. Focusing on the bad luck you have online, or the good luck someone else has, is a great way to sabotage your own efforts.

Yes, there are times when someone gets a break that you didn’t. There will also be times when you get a break someone else wishes they had. But the fate of your destiny as an online entrepreneur does not rest in luck alone.

In fact, most of it is a direct reflection of your ability to focus on your goals, take action that benefits your business, and strategically grow it from the ground floor up. Not only is it defeating for you to believe luck is in control of your impending success or failure, but it’s also a slap in the face to those you are envying.

To label them as merely lucky individuals negates all of the hard work they have put into building their own business. Imagine if you had spent weeks, months, and years absorbing information, recovering from setbacks, and powering through obstacles to succeed, only to have someone tell you it was all due to sheer luck.

You wouldn’t appreciate someone belittling your journey like that. Instead of whining about someone else’s lucky break, look at what they did to achieve the results you desire and see how that can work in your own business.

For example, maybe they happened to get lucky in your eyes because a successful guru took notice of their product and blasted their list about it. You would love to have that same lucky break.

But if you don’t get it, you need to think of ways that you can get the same results. For example, you’ll start by developing an innovative idea for an info product. Then, work hard to create one of the best products the industry has ever seen.

You might use a variety of media formats, such as text combined with video. Then, find a similar marketer who has a hefty list of subscribers who would be the perfect target audience for your product.

Begin networking with this individual and eventually present your idea to them in a way that appeals to them. Just because you had to work for the results doesn’t mean it’s any less impressive. In fact, people will respect your hustle more if you strategically pursued an arrangement like this than if someone happened to stumble on it and got the break they needed on accident.


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