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Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success -10

I'm Not Good at Creating Content

When you stop and think about all of the content that has to be created in order to launch and run an online business, it can be very overwhelming. You may have embraced a limiting belief that your content is not up to par, and will therefore sabotage your chance for success.

The truth is, you are probably your own worst critic. Stop and think about why you don't think your content is good. Did someone tell you that along the way? Do you dislike your style?

Did you maybe receive comments and criticism during your years in school about your writing, so now you believe everything you do is unable to live up to the standard of others?

Sometimes, your message may be good, but your delivery simply needs some work. Instead of just stating that you aren't good at writing or content creation, take time to understand why you feel that way and whether or not anything can be done about it.

For example, regardless of your current age, you can always improve your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. This is a skill that can be polished over time. You can also set aside funds for an editor of your work.

An editor can quickly and easily scan your content to see where it needs improvement. Simple edits like this are generally inexpensive. Usually, editing that requires more in depth analysis and reworking of concepts is where the price adds up.

If it's not as easy as cleaning up grammatical errors, you can still learn how to improve your content by taking courses that teach you how to engage your audience with your message.

There are courses that teach people how to write nonfiction articles and eBooks. There are people who teach you how to make engaging videos and podcasts. You have to learn what makes people enjoy content in your niche and then deliver it to them.

Stop and think about what makes you enjoy the content that you devour. You can emulate someone you admire without being a copycat who steals ideas. For example, maybe you enjoy over the shoulder instruction videos instead of text based eBooks.

If you create content based on the same times of information and styles that you enjoy, your enthusiasm may shine through easier and help you engage your own audience. Don't forget, you can also consider outlining your ideas only and then outsourcing them to a freelancer who can flesh them out in full.


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