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Handling Unavoidable Setbacks in Your Business

Being an online entrepreneur means you will be shouldering 100% of the responsibilities and burdens for your business. Even if you outsource some tasks, it will ultimately be your problem if things don’t go as planned.

Setbacks in your business are going to happen - and for some of them, there’s nothing that you can do to head them off. However, there are smart ways that you can deal with them so that your business or reputation doesn’t suffer any long-lasting consequences.

You Have a Dissatisfied Customer

If you were able to please everyone that used your product or business services, then you would be perfect and no such person exists. So inevitably, you’re going to have someone who’s not fully pleased with your product.

Sometimes they’ll let you know outright that they’re not happy. They reach out to you to let you know this and how you handle it is important. Them contacting you is a good thing.

It can give you a chance to resolve it before they go blasting negative stuff about your business on social media. If you handle it the correct way, it’s going to boost your reputation and the customer will be impressed with what you did.

Handled the wrong way and not only will you lose a customer, but you could lose future customers based on what the unhappy person does. Sometimes, the customer is always right.

But the majority of the time, you’ll get someone who’s unhappy and it has nothing to do with you. It could be that they expected miracles when using your product or that there’s nothing wrong with the product, but they just don’t really grasp how to implement it.

This can happen when their expectations exceed what your business product offers.

That’s certainly not your fault. It’s the customer’s fault. However, you still want to be careful how you handle it.....

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