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Four Steps to Boosting Your Creativity

Four Steps to Boosting Your Creativity

Did you know you can actually practice your creativity, just like any other skill? Believe it or not, you can still become a creative person even if you are not “born with it.” In fact, it is best to ditch that common misconception as it is only hindering you from unlocking your true abilities and creativity. Creativity is for anyone and everyone as long as you work on it and want to achieve it.

Here are four steps to follow to boost and unlock your creativity:

Step One: Add It to Your Daily To-Do List or Schedule

Many people believe that creativity will just come to them; however, the best way to increase your creativity is to practice it just like any other skill. This requires blocking out specific times in your schedule every week or adding creative activities to your daily to-do lists to ensure you take the time to focus on them. Just think about it; if you waited around until your brain decided you were better at playing a certain instrument, you’d likely be waiting forever.

Boosting your creativity is no different. It must be worked on continually with focus and mindfulness in order to improve. Be sure to make clear and separate time for inspiration, brainstorming, and creation. This way, you can put more concentration and focus on each step of your creative process, further improving your creativity as you gain more knowledge and experience.

Step Two: Clear Distractions and Declutter

When you schedule the time to brainstorm, find inspiration, or create, clear out the distractions first and ensure the space you need to use is organized for success. Distractions and clutter can create a mental fog that is hard to notice right away. This will make you feel like your creativity is gone, when really you just need to reorganize or find a better place to boost your creativity.

Step Three: Get Active and Experiment

Creativity is not perfect. There is no clear road to success. But, that is what makes creativity so beautiful and inspiring. This means you need to get moving and take risks. You can discover more ideas and gain the knowledge you need to create beyond your imagination through risk taking.

Step Four: Rest and Try Again

Don’t keep pushing and forcing creativity to come. Instead, always add in breaks throughout the process to unwind and think about other things. Even taking a few days to sleep on it can give your brain the rest it needs to rejuvenate and start with a clear mind.

If you are struggling to find your creativity, then give these steps a try. Remember, creativity is a personal perspective that will change depending on who you ask, and you won’t please everyone. So, lower your expectations, don’t strive for perfection, keep asking questions, and enjoy the process to boost and further improve your creativity.


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