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Five Powerful Characteristics of Highly Persistent People

Five Powerful Characteristics of Highly Persistent People

Persistence is the trait that keeps you going despite the work, challenges, or things that can continually knock you down. It’s the trait that allows you to achieve big goals, as many can’t be achieved without failure or difficulty. It's fighting through perfectionism, riding procrastination, and improving weaknesses continually to fulfill your biggest desires.

Successful people are highly persistent, and if you ask them, persistence is often the trait they say got them where they are now. In other words, without persistence, they likely wouldn’t be as happy and successful.

Here are five powerful characteristics of highly persistent people and tips on how to possess them too:


Staying true to oneself and ignoring the opinions of those around them is the main driving force of persistence. Persistent people continue to do what is needed to be done because they know what they want. Persistent folks ignore what is expected of them and chase after what helps them reach their goals and makes them happy instead. Don’t live someone else’s life. Be you. 


Change is inevitable and persistent people understand this more than others. They have a quick ability to recognize when they need to change in order to stay on the course. Instead of ignoring a plan that doesn’t work, they continue to improve it until it does.


Persistent people understand that time management is a valuable skill to utilize, and they fully understand how to get done everything they want to do in the day. Therefore, they will do what they need to in order to stick to their plan.


Persistent people know what they want and will do the work required to get there. But, if you're going to be persistent, you need to strive to be a doer in all areas of your life that make you feel fulfilled, inspired, and happy.


A strong trait that keeps persistent people going is their confidence and trust in getting something done. Even if they know they may not be great, they will try anyway to get what they want.

Overall, success and happiness require persistence. If you want to be more persistent and achieve more goals, possessing these characteristics is a must. These traits give you the tools and resources you need to keep going no matter what obstacles block or delay your path to success.


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