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Get Committed to the Routine of an Entrepreneur

Get Committed to the Routine of an Entrepreneur

Routines are important when you’re working for yourself. It holds you accountable to whether or not you’re making progress versus allowing yourself to get away with being a slacker just because you can.

Not only that, but it helps you step up and serve your audience better, too. They rely on you for consistency, and if you’re not in a routine of carrying out tasks like posting to your blog or emailing them, the random communication will wear thin.

The first thing you want to have in your routine is to check emails. You want to stay on top of customer support issues, so that if someone needs your help, they know they’ll have your attention right away.

You may want to do it more than once a day – such as checking morning, afternoon and evening. You want to set up a schedule for how often you do things, such as creating a blog post or email – or posting to a social networking site....

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