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Generate Traffic to Build a List

Generate Traffic to Build a List

List building is one of the most lucrative, long-term strategies you’ll undertake as a senior online marketer. It’s primarily based on two things – your ability to create an enticing offer and your ability to generate targeted traffic.

A mailing list is a list of subscribers and their contact details that have given you permission to email them. You can message them with information about your business, new products that you’re launching, your latest blog posts and any affiliate recommendations that you make.

The readers who come to your site via search engines or social media will be presented with your opt in offer, which is the lead magnet you hope will convert them into subscribers.

Understanding the Concept of Getting Found

In order to get subscribers to your list, you first have to be seen by them. This means that you want to be driving traffic to your site. Without traffic, no one finds your blog and no one subscribes to your list.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you want to use strong titles on your website and in your blog post. These titles should tell your audience what you’ll be teaching them. For example, a bad title would be “Good dog, bad dog.”

It’s too vague and could be anything. A better title would be, “How to Stop Bad Behaviors in Dogs.” The first title tells the audience nothing about what they’ll see when they click on your website.

But the second title promises pet parents who have misbehaving dogs that they’re in the right place. When creating content for your blog posts, you should break it up into sections.

Each section should have its own subheadings. Like titles, you want these subheadings to tell your audience what content they can expect. Use keywords in your subtitles that you want to use in search engines in order to be found.

You’ll want to think about the terms that your audience will be searching for and use those as your primary keywords. If you’re not clear on which words may be relevant, you can use a keyword tool - but you can also use an online thesaurus to spark new ideas for keywords.

There are two types of keywords: broad and longtail. The best sites use a mixture of both in their content to draw in traffic and turn that audience into subscribers...

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