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AI Can Serve as a Forward-Thinking Strategist for You

There are some industry experts who are well regarded as being thought leaders who people to turn to in an effort to see which way the wind will blow in their niche. It seems like they have a crystal ball and can see the future – even though they simply do great research and have good gut instinct when it comes to predicting what will happen.

Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is leveling the playing field for you, giving you that forward-thinking ability that you may not inherently possess. It’s not just about topics that will be in-demand, either.

While AI is great at predicting trends and behaviors based on past and current actions, it can help in many other ways, even assisting you with planning out your overall marketing strategy.

AI has the ability to access datasets that can show where the market will head. So instead of just asking it for some cutting edge content ideas, you can ask for more information on where to evolve or grow your business.

This may mean heading into a growing niche that complements the one you’re in now, or expanding your role in a new business model, like becoming an influencer on a social media platform for your niche topic rather than just publishing eBooks.

You may be stuck in a rut selling info products on a third party platform but AI lets you know about the TikTok shop and how some people are making millions selling journals there rather than on Amazon.

AI not only looks at consumer behavior and your market, but it keeps a sharp eye on your competition, seeing what they’re doing. It can help in so many ways that aren’t typical of online tech tools, too.

For example, if you give it your budget, it can look ahead at how you should be allocating your resources for the coming month so that you achieve maximum results from your online campaigns.

If you’ve suffered some setbacks and lost some revenue in the last month, ask AI to help you minimum your risk next month and recoup some of the losses. It can look at probabilities and help you forecast the best path forward for maximum earnings.

If you’re a work at home online entrepreneur, you might even struggle with your work-life balance, finding yourself burdened without any free time. Ask AI for help mapping out a formidable approach that alleviates some of the strain and helps you get more done in less time, whether it’s with batch work, use of better tools, etc.


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