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7 Ways to Show Compassion

7 Ways to Show Compassion

For a society to truly function at its best, people must have empathy and compassion for others. Compassion is genuinely caring for and empathizing with others. You show your compassion for others when you take steps to assist them or help them meet a goal.

Compassion is having the understanding that some people may not have the same opportunities as you, and they need help. Your compassion makes you realize that you can spare your time and energy to reduce their suffering.

Be Selfless

This is the main idea of compassion. It is caring more about others and doing what you can to reduce their suffering. To be selfless, think about how other people are feeling. When you help, don’t expect anything in return. Do more things to make people happy, don’t hurt others to gain more, and always choose the option that helps the most or causes the least amount of harm.

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering in your local community and will increase your happiness as well. Volunteering provides a great way to practice your gratitude as you will likely be helping those less fortunate than you. Local homeless shelters and soup kitchens always need help and donations.

Be Understanding

Stop being judgmental and find a way to be more understanding. Find ways in which you relate to everyone. Even if they seem less fortunate, there will always be something you have in common. Don’t resort to assumptions and always lead with an open mind.

Be Supportive

Be emotionally or physically supportive. Offer a hand up or words of encouragement. The support you offer will be different for each person or group, so ask what is needed before you make an offer they don’t need.

Show Kindness

Open a door, smile often, talk with someone, laugh together, pay for someone's meal, or donate to a local food bank. These are all great ways to practice acts of kindness.

Express Gratitude

Be thankful for those around you and everything you have in life. Express your gratitude by telling people “thank you” often. Tell them why you are grateful and who you are grateful to and for in your life.

Be Helpful

Offer help where you can and where you are needed – if you see someone struggling to open the door or walk, offer help. You’ll be surprised to find that the more you help in seemingly boring ways, the kinder and gentler the world around you starts feeling.

Compassion is vital if you want to live in a thriving and healthy society. This is because everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities or skills. So, some people need a little help to succeed. That’s where you come into the picture. Use these seven ways to show compassion, inspire your community, and help others.


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