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Your Goals Condition Your Actions

Your Goals Condition Your Actions

Crystal has a lifelong dream of teaching deaf children in vulnerable communities. She sets goals to make that dream a reality. One of her short-term goals is becoming a certified teacher. Another goal is to learn how to communicate using sign language.

Her first course of action is enrolling with a local college for a diploma. Crystal follows that up with research on additional courses on offer to help her focus on acquiring skills that lean towards special-needs education.

 Besides that, she enlists in a class that teaches sign language. During her weekends, she volunteers at a home for the deaf to familiarize herself with the role of a caregiver. Crystal eventually gets her qualifications and applies for a teaching job at a local school, gaining enough experience to open doors towards her dream.

Many people like Crystal have ambitions to achieve great things. They just do not know how to get there. Some even set goals and develop plans towards their dreams, but few succeed in their endeavors. Others do not set goals at all. It is the few who visualize the dream, set goals, and take actions that live the dream.

Setting goals is like having one foot in the door. Your actions thereafter either take you the rest of the way in or keep success just out of reach.

Your goals remain unattainable if you do not condition your actions to suit them. If you allow fear and worry to be louder than your self-belief, chances are you will procrastinate on taking the actions that help you pursue your dream.

Successful people know that there are no rewards for inaction, so as they visualize the dream daily, they build their actions around it. They think about what they can do to achieve their goals and do it, even when the journey ahead looks daunting. Such people jump in and figure things out as they go, often making mistakes, failing, and rising again. This they do because they understand that there are no rewards for thinking or planning. The rewards come based on what you do.

If your goal is to shed weight, your actions will determine whether that loss will become a reality. You change your eating habits, opting to have healthier meal plans. An action to take is engaging a health expert or dietician who can help plan your meals. You can also join a local gym, enlisting the help of a trainer. You can opt to do your training at home using online workout videos. It is all about what actions you take to achieve your goals.

An athlete with a goal to succeed in their chosen field must stick to actions such as consistent training and healthy eating habits. If they lie down all day and eat unhealthy food that does not condition their body for whatever sport they engage in, chances are their career will be short-lived with no accolades to show for it.

If your goals matter to you and you believe you can attain them, you condition your actions around them.

Developing a plan of action around your goals.

Once you break down the dream into specific goals, you need to determine what actions to engage in to make it come true. This involves breaking the goals into tasks you can do over a certain period- which ranges from daily to monthly and even quarterly. Having a plan helps you channel your attention, energy, and resources on the action you have to take. It gives you the focus you need to ensure success.

  • Determine the actions you need to take.

One of the first things you will need to do is brainstorm how to get from visualization of the dream to actualization. This process will be much better with the help of others. These could be members of your team or your close circle who can speak into your plan and help you determine your course of action. Follow it by breaking down the dream into step-by-step actions to get you to your destination. If a task seems too big, break it down further until you can determine that it is achievable.

To get a promotion, for example, you will need to think of actions you can do around the workplace to get attention to your competence. This may involve gaining skills that make you indispensable. You can also volunteer to spearhead projects others are hesitant to jump into.

  • Assign tasks.

With a team set-up, once you list a course of action, delegate the tasks to team members based on their strengths. This covers ground as far as actions are concerned and put you ahead to get things done.

If you do not have a team, assign yourself things to do daily.

You can write an action plan to track your goals. This document ensures that you know the actions that you need to do, the people to do them and the time they have to get things done.

  • The rule of five: Jack Canfield.

Every day as you pursue the goal, list five actions that move you closer to achieving it. What are five things within your power that you can do to grow your business? What five things can you do to improve your skills? What five things can you commit to increasing your knowledge? What five accomplishments can you ensure every month?

Your commitment to a set goal determines the actions you will take towards attaining it. Do not cut your dream short by watching and waiting while doing nothing. Condition your actions towards achieving success and it will surely come your way!


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