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The Power Of Writing Down Your Goals

The Power Of Writing Down Your Goals

It’s often said that writing things down helps you to remember them and that writing down your goals helps you to achieve them. This is because writing things down gives you a clearer picture of what you want, what you intend to achieve, and it maps out the direction to take.

Successful people recognize the power of writing down their goals and use it to achieve every goal they set. So, if you want to make sure you attain your goals, make writing them down a priority.

The best way of realizing what you can achieve and how far you can go is by simply being clear about what you want to attain, where you intend to go as well as who you intend to be in a certain number of years. You will only achieve that by writing things down.

Researchers say that people who write down their goals have a higher chance of attaining them compared to those who don’t. So, take advantage of the power of writing down what you are aiming for and be one step closer to fulfilling your aims.

Always write down your ultimate goal, your yearly goals, monthly goals, weekly goals, as well as daily goals. This may sound like too much work but it is worth it because having clearly-stated goals helps you to move in the right direction. It is an excellent way of ensuring you use your time wisely, eliminate distractions, and remain committed to your work or the most important things.

 5 Advantages Of Writing Down Your Goals.

  • You get a clearer picture of your goal.
  •  Writing down your goals helps you get clear on what you want and being clear about what you want helps you to figure out what steps to take and what to avoid. Being clear about what you intend to accomplish in a day, week or month enables you to accomplish more because it narrows your focus and prevents you from going off course.
  • You minimize distractions.
  • Distractions always find their way into your work or study and that is why minimizing them is important. How many times have you thought “Let me just respond to that email and get back to work?” Only to start browsing the internet and checking for responses to your recent updates on social media. Probably countless times. Nonetheless, writing down what you intend to accomplish and being specific about it helps you avoid distractions. For example, if your goal is to focus on that work assignment for the next two hours, creating room for anything else would be a distraction that you won’t tolerate.
  • You manage your time wisely.
  • Writing down your goals is the key to cultivating your time management skills. It keeps you concentrating on what you intend to accomplish or what needs to be done. So, instead of repeatedly saying “I’ve run out of time again” you can say “Another task has been completed on time.”
  • Begin writing down your goals so that you can start managing your time wisely and avoid the frustrations that come with poor time management.
  • You gain a sense of purpose and direction.
  • Success can only be attained by those who have a strong sense of purpose because people who know what they are living for have a greater chance of succeeding in all their endeavors. They always get back up after experiencing failures because they know that they haven’t reached the end yet. Writing down your ultimate goal will constantly remind you of your purpose. It ensures that you never stop working, doing, or improving because you know where you are supposed to be as well as what you are meant to accomplish.
  • Writing down your goals is the main thing that guarantees you always stick to working on what you intend to accomplish despite what happens, how you feel, or how many times you fail. It gives you a sense of direction which is the best motivation you need to continuously take the necessary steps and get things done.
  • You remain motivated.
  • If lack of motivation is the reason why you are finding it difficult to work on your goals, you can get rid of it by writing down what you want to achieve in a day, week, month or a year. Doing so gives you something to look forward to. It gives you a reason to wake up each morning and get to work.
  • So, instead of “I don’t feel like doing ABC” or “I’ve lost the drive to continue” you will say “I have to accomplish ABC before the end of the day” “I’m looking forward to doing ABC” and “Doing this will take me yet another step closer to achieving my dream.”

Writing down your goals is the only way of achieving them and it is the main thing that separates those who reach every goal they set from those who don’t.  


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