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Tips to Overcome Social Anxiety

People who suffer from social anxiety tend to feel uncomfortable, tense, or nervous whenever they find themselves in a social spot and they feel disturbed that they may be judged by other people. If you've been suffering from this kind of anxiety, you're not alone.

The truth of the matter is that there are certain points in our lives where we all have experienced this. I mean, don't we get nervous sometimes when we are around certain people? How about first dates and job interviews?

There are lots of moments of self-consciousness where we're likely to feel socially anxious and while this may seem normal, it becomes worrisome when it starts to hinder you from living your life to the fullest and starts occurring too intensely or frequently.

Recognizing if you Have Social Anxiety

The fear of being judged negatively is what brings about social anxiety and people have their unique situations that tend to make them experience this kind of anxiety. While some people can experience this when they're hosting an event, speaking in front of a crowd, or in any similar situation, some may have this anxiety when they're performing or showcasing in front of other people or having an interaction.

For instance, you might feel socially anxious while you're giving a presentation because you're not so comfortable with conversing with strangers at parties, even though you're outgoing. This simply connotes that you can be outgoing and still experience social anxiety....

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