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Body Language Tips to Improve Communication

Do you know that your tone of voice, posture, gestures, and facial expressions are powerful communication tools? Well, now you know they are. Body language speaks loudest, although these nonverbal cues utter no words. It's the key to achieving success in professional and personal relationships and it could also take your social life to the next level. The bone of contention is that you'll be able to build better work and home relationships when you know how to use your body language to express positivity, which explains why you must learn to understand what body language is, its significance, and how to make it work for you.

What is Body Language?

Body language can be explained to be the way we instinctively communicate nonverbally with the usage of certain mannerisms, gestures, and physical behavior. There are wordless signals you're likely to give and receive consistently when you're interacting with others, and while you may be aware of this, you may also not be aware. You will be sending a very strong message with your eye contact, tone of voice, posture, and gestures, which all form your nonverbal behaviors.

The intricacies of these cues of nonverbal communication, which is also called body language, is that they can be very active both when you're speaking and when you aren't and they can either undermine, confuse, and offend others or make you more appealing, help to build trust, and promote ease. There are even times when your words and your body language may be contrasting. For instance, if you say you're happy and you have a frown on your face, the person you're speaking to will get the message that you're not honest, and the tricky thing about body language is that most people prefer to go for the interpretation of the body language rather than the words of the mouth.

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