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How not to be
Misunderstood: Practicing Effective

Two cannot walk together except if they agree and therefore communication has always been a tool to facilitate understanding between people and help us carry out our usual activities without glitches. Maybe you have a presentation, you're writing an email, or carrying out any simple task, your progress and productivity can be affected by how you communicate.

As a result, it becomes expedient that both the message receiver and sender do not have miscommunication accruing from the delivered message. In today's world, technology has made communication easier but regardless, many people still find it herculean to communicate without being misunderstood or misinterpreted.

5 Killer Skills to Make Your Message Clear 

There are two major forms of communication, which are written and verbal. If you're going to be communicating orally or you're employing a written medium, the first thing you should do is to proofread and scrutinize what you have prepared before you proceed to finalize the copy.

It would also be helpful if you can look out for other possible interpretations of the message to know if there's any need to make further...

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