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Surround Yourself with Winners

Surround Yourself with Winners

There’s an old saying: “You are who you hang around.” Or, as Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” And this is true, especially when it comes to your business efforts.

It happens with many things in life – even eating habits. It’s been proven that people often overeat in social situations because subconsciously, they want to mimic the behaviors of others and fit in.

In work issues, things are often the same. So you want to make sure that the people you surround yourself with possess the same traits and qualities that you, yourself want to have.

Think about what you’d like to have in terms of work beliefs and abilities and then befriend people who represent those for you. For example, you might wish you were better at not abandoning projects in mid-stream.

Find someone who routinely launches products and follows their vision through to completion. Over time, you’ll watch as their consistency and commitment allows them to achieve great success, and this will rub off on you.

Or maybe you wish you had the confidence of a success marketer. Pick out one of the people in your networking circles who has a healthy ego and watch how they post on social media, how they speak to their subscribers, and everything they do to show others that if they believe in themselves, then others can, too.

Success isn’t just about money. You’ll notice as you start investigating the wealthy marketers in your groups, that some people may have dollars in their bank accounts, but they lack true happiness...

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