Step-by-step lead generating process – step #3 - Must Have Solutions

Step-by-step lead generating process – step #3

Step 3: Make Your Content Worthy of Their Attention

Once you’ve got the pleasing visuals figured out, it’s time to find a mission. People need a reason to do more than just glance at your pretty logo. Your brand should offer a quick solution to someone’s problem, in order to draw them into your list.

For example, if you offer a course like a fitness program you’ve designed, you could gift them a downloadable printout displaying the steps to one 30 minute workout. This draws the consumer in with a way to try out what you offer so that they can decide whether or not the full product is worth it.

Once you’ve put out a worthwhile hook, you can catch the attention of a wide range of subscribers and give them the opportunity to try out your expertise. Your lead magnet needs to address a pain point or help them achieve a goal and the more valuable you make it, the more irresistible it will be.

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