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Special Report: 5 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Profiles

5 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Profiles

Working to increase your engagement and overall following throughout every social media platform can be time consuming. In order to be successful on social media, you have to treat it as if it is at least a part-time job.

To make all of the time devoted worth it, you can try different methods of monetizing your social media profiles. When you monetize your social media profiles, you are able to generate an income directly from it, depending on how much engagement you receive.

So as you continue to work on increasing engagement, the amount you get paid will increase as well. Some of the revenue will be derived from where you send viewers to (your own links or those you promote), while others will stem from the platform itself.

Send Followers to Digital Products and Services You Sell

When you become popular online, it’s usually because of your style, your ideas, and your helpfulness. All of these things give you an opportunity to offer services to your following based upon your skillset.

There are many different product and services to offer your followers. You can offer self-help courses, depending on what your niche is. For example, if you are a fitness fan, you can offer a fitness training course, full of helpful tips and workouts to do over a certain time span.

Writing and publishing eBooks is sometimes easier than you may realize. It can be a nice way to generate a steady income, based off of sales. For example, if you write about entrepreneurship and working remotely, you could write an eBook that focuses on setting up an online business, with all of the details someone would need to know.

People often look online first for their questions to be answered, which may lead them right to your book. When people follow someone with a large following, it can often feel like they are joining a community.

To make things more exclusive, you can offer a membership to a different site (like Patreon) where you post special content that only members who subscribe can see. This incentivizes your followers to subscribe, so that they are a part of a smaller group who sees all of your content.

You’ll still want to post quality content on your public social media profiles, but you could tease your followers with shorter clips of your work, so that they have to subscribe to see the full process or clip of something you’ve worked on.....

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