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Special Report: The Success Strategy of Short Form Social Videos

The Success Strategy of Short Form Social Videos

Short form social videos are videos uploaded to different social sites that range from around 10 seconds to a few minutes. These videos can usually be posted in a specific area of an app, if they have a section for stories or short videos.

The short videos are utilized to draw in views and viewers to your social media pages, and bring more engagement to your content, whereas those who are loyal to a content creator may stick around for longer videos, such as 30 minutes to an hour.

Many marketers struggle trying to come up with short video ideas. After all, some platforms have 15 second video options – so how do you convey anything in that short amount of time?

Why Snippets Are Now Soaring in Popularity

One main reason snippet videos are popular is because they cater to the lifestyle of the viewers. Small attention spans are prevalent now. As people spend more and more of their time on social media, multitasking, and working towards their own career goals and dreams, their attention spans are only decreasing over time.

There are too many things to focus on at once, so most people don’t want to sit down and watch one video for twenty minutes. With short form social videos, viewers can spend thirty seconds on each video, watching new and engaging content with each swipe.

Everyone is busy. In a world where work and family take up so much time, many adults are finding themselves with less time to spend on their phones. The appeal of shorter videos creates an illusion that you will spend less time on social media while taking in more content.

In reality, the shorter videos can pull you in and keep you busy for hours. There’s a running joke (or meme) about how people will turn down a two-hour movie, but have no problem binge watching a series on Netflix in one sitting where they end up spending ten hours seeing the entire show.

Snippets allow you to create and consume a wide variety of content. If you are someone who enjoys fashion, cooking, crafting, and even gaming, these short videos will have it all.

Since it takes less time to watch a minute-long video on a quick cooking tip than a full twenty minute tutorial, you’ll have more time to move on to a different topic. This type of media intake allows viewers to broaden their horizons....

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