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Jealousy Puts Your Focus on the Wrong Place

Jealousy Puts Your Focus on the Wrong Place

Whenever you’re just starting out online, it’s natural for you to envy others who are already succeeding. Newbies in particular are green with envy when it comes to seeing statistics and earnings that are splashed all over sales pages and bragged about in social media posts.

The problem is, they see what appears to be push button profits. They think all of these earnings were fast money and the way they’re talked about, it sounds easy, too. They wonder why they aren’t able to make quick and easy money like everyone else.

What they don’t see is what led up to that point. It’s never fast or easy in the beginning. Making a good living online requires continual education of concepts and strategies as well as technical tools.

It requires an entrepreneur to test the boundaries of their comfort zone. Most successful entrepreneurs online have failed more times than you can count. But eventually, all of that practice and persistence results in sales.

And as you learn your craft, you’ll be able to scale those profits into something significant. It’s easy to get jealous when it seems like everyone around you has what they need to succeed.

They may have money to spend on the best tools, such as Camtasia. What you have to do is seek out something cheaper or free that works in a similar nature, such as Camstudio.

New entrepreneurs may be jealous of the fact that some people have money to hire a coach or mentor. Or, maybe they lucked into one without having to pay a penny. Everyone’s journey is different.

You may have a certain personality or skillset that others struggle with, but it comes naturally to you. The key to success is to fight your natural tendency to be jealous and recognize that every second you waste comparing yourself to others takes time away from the development of your own success.

It’s easy to fall prey to jealousy when you’re working on your own business. You may be strapped for money, short on time, and dealing with the battle of constant disruptions around the house.

You log online and see someone else sitting by a pool with their laptop bragging about how easy their life is. The more you focus on the differences between your life and that of someone else’s, the less work you’ll get done and the more time you’ll put between now and the future, when your profits will eventually start soaring.


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