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Frustration Levels Are High in the Beginning, But Lessen with Time

Frustration Levels Are High in the Beginning, But Lessen with Time

When you’re starting a new business online, frustration might be the biggest emotion you feel on a regular basis. You need to understand that your days will be filled with frustration as you learn new concepts and skills, but they won’t always be like that.

Things do improve over time. Technical issues are one of the biggest and most frustrating obstacles you will encounter as a new marketer. For example, you may hear someone tell you to set up your own site, and you instantly feel flustered because you don’t know the steps it takes to make that happen.

Add to that any bloopers that happen along the way, such as an installation gone wrong for WordPress or a hacker getting ahold of your site and you’re calm and cool nature will disappear in an instant.

What’s worse is that sometimes there’s no one out there to help you figure it out. Occasionally you can find a video or a kind person to walk you through the process. Other times, you have to carefully try to do things on your own until the problem is resolved.

It helps to make friends in this industry so that you can reach out to them and ask for advice or tips whenever you encounter a technical issue. List building is another area of frustration for new marketers.

The minute they create a landing page or opt in box, they cross their fingers and hope subscribers will flood in overnight. But then they wake up the next morning and see that no one has joined their list.

Or, people simply trickle in a little at a time. List building is one of those online tasks that takes time and effort. You have to attract or send visitors to your landing page. You have to have an offer that is irresistible.

And you have to build an earned a reputation as someone whose list people feel is worth being on. You may feel frustrated about not being able to get any affiliates onboard for your launch or only seeing a few sales during your launch.

The key to easing your frustration about these issues is to plan ahead and not try to rush a launch at the last minute. What often happens with newbies is that they create a product quickly out of desperation and ask a few people to promote the day before or the morning that it goes live.

Good affiliates will need time to review your product and create a bonus for it. You might even get some sales and get frustrated about getting refund requests. If you get refunds, don’t automatically assume that the person simply wanted a freebie.

Instead, analyze their reason for their request and work on improving your product to prevent future refunds. You want to keep a level head when you’re in this business. If you feel frustration coming on, walk away and do a different task. Understand that this is a career where, over time, these types of problems fade.


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