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Fear Is the Biggest Single Deterrent to Your Success

Fear Is the Biggest Single Deterrent to Your Success

If there’s one thing just about every online marketer understands, it’s that feeling of fear that can overwhelm you as you try to get your business off the ground. There are many things that frighten an entrepreneur, and most of it is in your own mind.

Fear can make you nervous about the niche that you chose. You’ll start to question your selections with everything. You’ll wonder if you know enough to even be guiding an online audience toward their goals.

You have to be confident about your choices and understand that as the owner and boss of your business, you have the right to change course anytime you like or need to. So nothing you choose to do now is set in stone permanently.

Fear can trick you into believing that there’s too much competition. You’ll wonder if there’s any way to earn a living in a niche when there are dozens of other people already in it.

This is a common concern for most newbie entrepreneurs online. The truth is, there’s no such thing as too much competition. Every leader in your niche brings a unique set of skills that include personality and style in the way they convey information and motivate their audience.

Besides, most people enjoy learning from more than one individual, so you may be one of several that they choose to follow. Fear can prevent you from using multimedia tools. Most people feel comfortable and safe using text, although there are a few who feel nervous about their writing skills.

But the use of audio and video tools is more daunting for most online marketers. You may worried that your voice sounds awkward if you try to do a podcast. Or, if you’re doing video, you may worry about your personal appearance.

When you’re leading a niche, the thing you want to remember is that people are coming to you to help solve their own problems. The sound of your voice and your looks are the least of their worries.

Fear can make you procrastinate on projects. You will always be filled with self-doubt. If something isn’t perfect, you’ll either abandon it completely or shove it to the backburner so that you don’t have to think about it anymore.

The great thing about online marketing is that everything you put out there is editable. If you make a mistake, you can fix it and re-publish the content. Again, most people are turning to you to solve their problems, so they’re not very concerned about little mistakes you make along the way.

To combat fear, you have to face it head on. Everyone is afraid to some degree. It gets easier over time as you put yourself out there. You have to learn to take action in spite of your fear so that you can deliver on promises to your niche audience.


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