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Chapter 5: Optimizing Your Health and Wellbeing

Working from home creates other challenges too. Chief among these, is trying to look after yourself and your wellbeing.

When you don’t leave the house to go to work, there is no incentive to dress well. When no one sees you for days, there is no requirement to wash.

And when you can get up at any time you want, and work at any time you like, there is nothing stopping you from losing all semblance of routine and health.

What’s more, is that because you don’t need to go to work, there is no guarantee that you’ll get any fresh air or exercise! These are all serious issues, because they can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing.

When work gets on top of you, you might even find yourself eating poorly as you grab whatever is quick and stuff it in a microwave.

All this leads to your being tired, de-motivated, and less able to focus. Focussing and staying motivated requires energy, and resisting temptations and distractions likewise requires that you be in good health.

In short, if you don’t look after yourself outside of work, you’ll struggle to stay focussed when you sit down at the computer.

Optimizing your health will allow you to focus better, seeing as focus requires energy. Using a disciplined routine will ensure you get proper time to rest and recover. And taking the time to groom yourself and look your best will help you to feel (and thus become) more productive and professional.

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