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Home Office Lighting That Protects You from Eye Strain

Home Office Lighting That Protects You from Eye Strain

While it’s great to have natural light flooding your office so you can work comfortably, that’s not always an option. The sun doesn’t shine every day and, in the winter, when the days are shorter, you don’t get as much natural light.

That’s why you need home office lighting. But you want to get the type that can prevent you from getting eye strain. Close light is good for your time spent working at a computer.

This means that you should get a sturdy desk lamp. There are specific desk lamps that can be purchased that are designed to alleviate common problems with the eyes when working from home.

Look for a desk lamp that doesn’t use blue light. Some of them do. There are many models that use natural light, which can mimic sunlight. These come with options to change the brightness level as the day goes on.

So you can have natural lighting from the time your work day begins until it’s finished. You can get these lamps as fixed based ones, swinging or swivel lamps. If you have to
toggle between computer monitors or swivel from one desk to another work platform, you’re better off getting the swivel kind because you can adjust the direction of the light.

There are also computer monitor lamps that are anti-glare and can prevent blue light, which causes eye strain. These lamps attach to the top of your monitor and can cause a 45 degree angle path of light that doesn’t focus on the screen - which is what you want... 

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