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Designing a Calming and Stress-Free Workspace

Designing a Calming and Stress-Free Workspace

By designing a calming, stress-free workspace, you’ll be able to concentrate easier when it’s time to get to work. Doing this raises your productivity level and makes it a healthier space for you to be in.

Check your office. If you have clutter there, even just a little bit, you need to either get it out or organize it. Messy spaces cause stress that you file away in the back of your mind, even when you don’t address it.

Place plants in some of the areas of your office space. You can get decorative pots and use colorful flowers if you like. These bring a little bit of nature indoors. Plus, plants clean the air by removing what’s bad - while at the same time, their photosynthesis process creates oxygen.

This also helps with the air purity in your home. The green color of plants is known to be a natural relaxant and can work to lower anxiety and stress. If you’re not someone with a green thumb, be sure to buy plants that don’t require a lot of effort or attention in order to thrive.

The light matters for more than just eye strain. Dark home office spaces tend to affect one’s mood. Focus on the lighting in your office to make it stress-free. When you choose good lighting, it makes it easier for you to be able to work.

While plenty of lighting is best, you want to be able to have soft lights with adjustable levels of brightness. If you have a window in your office, make use of the natural lighting by using sheer curtains when you want the light and shades for when you don’t want as much light.

Make sure you incorporate artwork as part of your office décor. You can hang photos that are meaningful to you or that make you feel happy. Look for positive designs in colors that are known to boost moods...

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