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6 Signs That You Are Under Too Much Pressure

6 Signs That You Are Under Too Much Pressure

The majority of people are under the impression that they recognize the signs of stress. The reality, though, is that we often fail to recognize the signs until we're so deep in our stress that we're making ourselves sick. When you're under pressure, you overthink, you worry, you struggle to cope with your emotions, and ultimately, your body responds. The better you recognize the symptoms, the earlier you realize you are dealing with too much pressure, which means you can manage it sooner to ensure it is under control. With that in mind, let's highlight six signs that you are under too much pressure.

1. Headaches
When you're stressed out and under pressure, the muscles in your neck and shoulders tense up. This, in turn, can cause a headache. Generally, tension headaches are typified by pain in the back of the neck, head, and forehead. While it's generally a dull pain, it is a constant one and you might also feel pressure.

2. Aches & Pains
Our bodies tend to experience more aches and pains as we grow older, but there is a difference between that type of soreness and stress-related aches and pains. When you're under too much stress and pressure, your body's sympathetic nervous system kicks into high-gear, stimulating the fight or flight response. This can result in increased tension in your muscles, thus leaving you with aches and pains.

3. You're Constantly Under the Weather
If you catch every cold, flu, and illness going around, then it's likely because you're stressed out from too much pressure. Cortisol, the stress hormone, negatively impacts your immune system and when you're exposed to it for too long, you become more susceptible to illness.

You may also experience digestive issues, whether it's indigestion and heartburn or issues with your bowels.

4. Skin Problems
Whether it's itchy skin or acne, the stress that too much pressure causes can result in serious skin problems.

You might not think of itchiness as being related to pressure and stress, yet stress can cause inflammation issues in your skin which makes you itchy.

While a poor diet and a lack of hydration can contribute to acne, your problem might be bigger. Have you ever stopped to think why your diet is poor? Too much pressure might be contributing to the problem. The more stressed out you are, the more sebum your body produces, leaving you at risk of clogged pores thus more likely to experience acne (and possibly ingrown hairs as well).

While it isn't strictly a skin problem, something that does come when you're under too much pressure is an excessive sweating problem (which can cause its own skin problems).

5. Irritability
Do you snap easily? Are you prone to lashing out with your friends, family, and co-workers? You might think they're being more annoying than usual, but the reality is more likely related to your stress levels. You're under too much pressure and you are unpleasant to be around because of this.

6. Concentration Problems
If you feel as though you're being pulled in every direction, it's probably because it is. The stress that stems from being under too much pressure tends to negatively impact your concentration.

Of course, your concentration issues could also be related to fatigue. When you're under too much pressure you will likely experience exhaustion. When in a heightened emotional state, the type that comes from too much pressure, your brain struggles to store information and this can leave you feeling more exhausted. Combine that with the lack of sleep you are likely dealing with due to stress, you are creating a toxic state of being for yourself.


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