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Best Stress Relieving Exercises

Best Stress Relieving Exercises

It is okay to feel wrecked under extreme pressure. Does a pint of your favorite ice cream or junk snack help you simmer down? That’s unfortunate since you are doing more harm than good. Stress is rightly a double-edged sword. While being a tad under pressure boosts your efficiency and alertness, being overly strained makes you dull and unproductive.

The human body is designed to cope with stress in a particular way. It releases hormones to battle the blues against the so-called stressors. However, when you are too pressurized or the stress is staggering, your system’s hormonal balance goes for a toss.

This is when chronic health conditions strike in. Diabetes, cardiovascular irregularities, ulcers, and even the big C. Why just your health? Too much anxiousness ruin your emotional well-being. You feel depressed for no reason. Sobbing becomes a part of your regular day. People also turn aggressive and hot-headed. All these awful traits because of stress.

Snacking on junk hardly comes of help. It does make you feel slightly better. But, the merry feeling lasts for a very short time. The list of odds doesn’t end here. Foods brimming with sugar and calorie wreck your health. Watch your weight scale up in a spry.

Little did you know that snacking right and working out every day work wonders instead. Exercising boosts the release of natural endorphins that curbs down the feeling of dejection and stress. You start feeling a lot lighter and cheerful instead.

Which exercises can help battle anxiety?

1. Brisk walking - As easy as it sounds, walking is greatly effective in reducing anxiousness in individuals. Shelling out time to hit the gym might seem like a tedious task amid your bustling lives. Regular walking does the trick and is super easy to fit into a busy day. A 45-minutes long walk day-in-day-out can keep stress and depression at bay.

2. Swimming - The drill surely is on the list of the best cardio. Swimming frequently helps you maintain fitness and good health.

Are you wondering if swimming has any positive effect on stressed nerves? It certainly does a world of wonders to a bothered mind. Being submerged in cool water is extremely relaxing. It helps you cool off and repose, particularly when you are stressed with a lot on your plate. Since the density of water is way thicker than air, swimming stands out as a powerful full-body workout. A fitter and gleeful you is a less depressed you.

3. Dancing - It is no secret that we all love to tap our toes to good beats when we are excited and happy. Whenever you feel downhearted and anxious, always try dancing. It is a miraculous trick that wards out sadness quickly.

4. Jogging - A good jogging session is very promising. Along with toxins, you also sweat out your worries and stress. The physical drill is laborious but truly rejuvenating. You start feeling centered, active and fit, both mentally and physically in a very short span of time.

5. High-intensity workouts - If you are blessed with the means and place to perform high-intensity drills, go for it. A promising mix of aerobics and strength-based workout, HIIT helps you channelize your stress for a favorable purpose. You work out to enhance your physique and stamina. However, indulging in intense training saves you from feeling sunk and depressed.

Pair your everyday cardio with calming breathing exercises for best results in reducing anxiety.


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