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5 Reasons No One is Reading Your Blog


5 Reasons No One is Reading Your Blog

So you’ve decided to start a blog. Whether it’s for personal reasons, or with the intention of making money from readers clicking on affiliate links and advertisers, blogging can be rewarding digital sport…If only more people were reading your posts! And here are 5 possible explanations why:

 1) You never post anything new- How many times have you written about something that has been done before? It might not seem like an issue now but think back in 10 years when everyone is doing exactly what YOU did today; 

even if they're just "talking" as opposed to posting blogs (it's all relative). That idea will no longer be original then so there may come a day where this stops being interesting at least

2) You’re not opening doors. It may seem like you're not doing a whole lot, but in fact building relationships with other bloggers is one of the best ways to grow your blog's traffic by bringing new readers back day after day.

A big part of funneling this network into your site begins with networking and guest posting on people blogs with stipulations that allow for links from both parties' sites somewhere down the line once they've gained trust as well as credibility from each other through their work together.

3. You’re not building relationships. You need to have a contact button of form on your website, and harvest some emails. Alternatively, by blogging consistently and alerting social media connections of new posts, you can draw steady streams traffic to your site;

 the idea is for these readers come back time after time as they surf through various topics in search of something interesting enough that it merits their attention once more.

Not only will this increase reader engagement with continual exposure but over time those who are interested in what you're writing about might become potential investors or members too!

4. The old days of screen-scrolling and TV static are long gone. Nowadays, people’s first impression is the page they see before your content loads—and if it doesn't look professional or visually appealing in some way then you might as well have never posted at all.

5. Are you a writer or an artist? How about both! In order to be successful at anything, one must have determination.

 You can't just hope that your writing will sell without any effort on your part- no matter how good it is. People are not going to find out if they don't read what the blog has written unless there's something worth reading in it:

like creative punctuations and lots of pictures too! Use shorter sentences so people don’t get fatigued from trying to read through all those words;

use small paragraphs for easier comprehension as well. SEO experts tout long posts (over 2,000 words) but this would require balancing with short ones also because nobody wants their audience feeling exhausted by these blogs &  that out with reader experience—and most readers can’t tolerate more than half that word count.

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