Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint – Day 1 - Must Have Solutions

Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint – Day 1

Day 1

Blog Procedure - Examine the Prior Content on Your Blog

Start your week by examining the prior posts that you have on your blog. You want to figure out which of your posts had a lot of engagement or clicked with the audience. If you find that you had a lot of interaction, something resonated with them, note that so you can duplicate it going forward.

Sign into your control panel so that you can see how many visitors you had, what pages they visited and whether or not they left a comment. If you do see comments, you want to respond immediately.

This is one reason you want to regularly check your control panel (also known as the blog’s dashboard). It’s important to know what’s going on behind the scenes of your blog posts.

One reason is because good engagement gets your blog a higher ranking in search engines when people are searching for certain keywords and phrases. Another reason is because you want to understand where the traffic is coming from.

If a lot of it is coming from one social media platform over another, then that can tell you where to concentrate your efforts. You also want to look at how you wrote the posts that moved the audience to want to engage.

While you definitely want to pay attention to the posts that did well, you don’t want to ignore the posts that didn’t. You want to check out what could have caused an audience to overlook them or not engage.

Usually, this has something to do with not using strong enough keywords, or the content just didn’t spark an emotional connection to get that reaction. Don’t just leave posts alone that didn’t do well - edit them to make them stronger so that they can pull in traffic, too.....


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