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Try This One Simple Hack for Achieving More with Your Life

Do you have a lot of hopes and dreams? Do you wish that you had certain things in your life? Do you wish that you achieved certain things in the past? Do you have big plans for your future? Do you have a distinct sense of your own personal destiny?

Most people have these ideas. Even a person who has been crushed by one disappointment after another still has big ideas for his or her life. The problem is, hoping and wishing is one thing, actually achieving those hopes and dreams is another thing entirely.

The reason why most people cannot achieve their big goals in life is not because they are dumb, okay? Let's just get that out of the way. It's not because they're somehow mentally, emotionally, or even physically incapable of achieving their dreams.

Believe it or not, it also doesn't involve money. What if I told you that a lot of billionaires, who have a lot more money than most people can figure out what to do with, started out with zero? In fact, in the case of Sam Walton, he started out with less than zero – he was buried in debt. But that did not get in the way of him becoming one of the world's richest people.

It's not lack of resources that keeps you from achieving your hopes and dreams. What's getting in the way? Well, it's your mindset.

Now, you're probably rolling your eyes and thinking very dismissively of this article. Hear me out. Let me tell you, the only person that can prevent you from living the kind of life you have dreamt of for yourself is you.

There's nobody pointing a gun at your head right now forcing you to live far below your potential. You're doing it to yourself.

Somehow, some way, you started believing in things that dragged you down and held you back from the kind of mindset that will take you to ultimate success. Nobody did it to you. You did it to yourself voluntarily. You're not trapped in some system that actively prevents you from achieving success.

I know this sounds harsh, it may even seem like I'm blaming the victim, but hey, let's be clear here. Once you start thinking that you are a victim, it's too easy to fail. In fact, you've already failed at some level or another because you feel that you're a victim; that the world owes you something.

At some level or another, you're a person who thinks that things just happen to you instead of you having the power, ability and mindset to make things happen. Instead of being a victor, you are the victim. Things happen to you instead of you causing things to happen.

You're kind of like this piece of plastic that's just floating around on the surface the sea in the middle of a storm. There's really no direction. There's definitely no control. You're just there for the ride and it's anybody's guess where you end up.

Sounds hopeless, right? Well, you just need to fix this one habit that you have for you to turn things around. I know it sounds crazy, but it's not too late to turn things around.

If you feel that you've spent all this time, and regardless of how hard you try and what you try you only fail, you can still turn things around. If you feel that your life has been a massive disappointment and you don't know what your life means, you can still turn things around. How? Very simple: start turning your shoulds into musts.

Let me be clear, everybody knows what they should be doing because if we stuck to what we should be doing and follow through, we would be in better shape. We would have better health, we would have amazing jobs, we would be happier, and we would feel more content and fulfilled.

We know the answer. We know full well what we should be doing. But the problem is, human beings instinctively do not focus on what they should do. To them, these are options. They'll get to them when they have the time, money and resources. In other words, they don't get to them.

Why? They're focused on what they must do. These are things that ensure we stay alive and we get to the next day. And believe me, most people focus so much time and energy into what they must do that they have very little left for what they should be doing. In reality, it's the things that you should do that takes your life to the next level.

So what is the secret? Turn your shoulds into musts. You have to look at the things that you should be doing and see the urgency there. Allow yourself to get so emotionally engaged so you actually put one foot in front of the other to do those things. Accordingly, you end up at a much better place.

Is this easy? Absolutely not. Is it necessary? Of course. Thankfully, there is one thing you can do to more easily and more manageably turn your shoulds into musts.

Click the image to read this book to fully unleash your personal potential. I'm going to walk you through the process of changing your mindset as well as your daily practices so you would be able to turn more of your shoulds into musts.


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