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Are You Aware of Your Mental Operating System?

Imagine for a second that you bought two computers. These are two identical pieces of hardware. They have the same amount of memory, the same central processing chips, and they have the same amount of storage. In fact, they are completely identical in terms of hardware.

Now, imagine for a moment that you decided to install an operating system on one computer that is dedicated to spreadsheets. This operating system can only handle spreadsheet software. For the other computer, you install a word processing operating system. This software will only let people type and handle text or similar content.

After the installation process is done, do you think you can run a spreadsheet on the word processing computer? Similarly, do you think you can do extensive word processing on the spreadsheet computer? Of course, not. They have different software installed, which impacts what they do. In other words, your operating system dictates your machine's actions, capabilities and potential.

Seems pretty simple, right? Pretty straightforward, correct? Well, what if I told you people are the same? That's right. What you wear, how much money you make, where you live, how educated you are, and pretty much everything else around you are products of what you choose to install in your mind.

What you choose to believe about yourself, your place in the world, what you're capable of, what your limits are, and what your past is about impacts your results today. In other words, you're not much different from identical pieces of hardware programmed to do different things because of their different operating systems.

If you are, in any way, unhappy with anything in your life, please understand that this is a product of your mental operating system. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware that this is happening. They think that their personal challenges are just products of bad luck.

Maybe they were just born to the wrong family. Maybe they were born at the wrong time. Maybe they just joined the wrong company. Whatever the case may be, the problem, as well as the solution, lies outside of them.

What if I told you that the answer is always internal? Whatever challenge you're facing, you can solve it by changing your mental operating system. You can either create dramatic changes or, by changing your response to external stimuli, you can position yourself to achieve better results.

Make no mistake about it, whatever is challenging is not caused by people who want to harm you or who have formed a conspiracy against you. Whatever is holding you back is not the product of forces beyond your control. In fact, the reality is the precise opposite: you are always in control.

When you choose to become aware of your mental operating system and swap it out or reformat your mental drives with a better operating system, you will achieve better results. Sounds good so far? Great. But here's the problem: most people don't know how to do this right.

This is why they fill their minds will all sorts of slogans that don't really change their behaviors. Let me tell you, you can fill your mind will all sorts of ideas, but none of those solutions will change your personal reality until and unless you act on them the right way.

Click the image to read this book on how to effectively change your mental operating system. I'm going to step you through the process that would enable you to adopt the right internal beliefs that can take your personal results to a much higher level.


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