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Putting Effort Into Pinterest for Free Traffic

Putting Effort Into Pinterest for Free Traffic

Pinterest is a different kind of social networking site that can deliver free, targeted, organic traffic to many niche marketers. It doesn’t have the same engagement that other social networking sites do in terms of comments and private messages.

Instead, this site is all about making good ideas go viral. That viral concept can funnel traffic to your blog or products as well as landing pages where you can build a targeted list.

Consider Pinterest a content curation site for consumers. It’s almost like a digital vision board that contains a myriad of images and hyperlinks to products and leaders that consumers want to learn more about.

This site works better for visual niches, but it isn’t exclusive to those. For example, food, fashion, travel, and parenting are all popular niches that you will find on Pinterest. However, you can also turn a niche such as success or finances into a Pinterest-worthy niche as long as you pair good ideas and quotes with images that can be shared.

Before you open a Pinterest account, you want to manage the blog side of things first. When you go on to Pinterest, your goal will be to send people to your blog so that they can get on your list and learn more about your products and services.

Your blog posts should be highly valuable in nature so that consumers want to share it with others and bookmark it for themselves. Aside from text, you’ll want your blog post to include a good image for Pinterest.

Usually, the best images are vertical and eye-popping. The image should be embedded in your blog post so that when you pin it on the site, it shows up as the image that will represent your blog post.

You also want to include your URL in the image itself so that you get added branding capability with your social marketing efforts. Then it will be time to begin socializing on this site itself.

You’ll want to create a mix of pins on your boards that include your own blog posts as well as pins from other people. This is more ethical and organic in nature. You can pin several items per day on your account, and you want your boards nicely organized according to topic so that people can subscribe to them.

You may also want to participate in group boards. This is where you will share your own pins as well as other people’s in an effort to help all of your fellow marketers generate free traffic from the site. You can even launch your own group board for people to participate in.


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