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Give Yourself a Green Light to Succeed

Give Yourself a Green Light to Succeed

Call it quitting or call it long-term procrastination. It's all the same. You're not moving forward and crossing the finish line to success. You have to develop a mindset that shifts from wishy washy to go getter.

When you have the rude awakening that you’ve been a quitter for too long, it’s time to give yourself some tough love. Today is the day you decide if you should be in this business or not.

After all you’ve learned about importance of a positive entrepreneurial mindset, if you can’t muster up the energy, determination and commitment to this career, you should stop draining your finances, stop putting yourself through the emotional rollercoaster and just find a job offline.

Those of you who remain dedicated – today is the very last day of excuses, panic, fear, confusion and other childish reasoning you want to give for not achieving your goals. It’s time to send that childlike mentality off for a nap while you work on your success. 

You have to give yourself permission to succeed. To stop failing yourself time and time again. No one else will boost your morale or push you to the finish line like you can. You just have to make a plan of action for those moments of weakness when it seems easier to pull back than push through your obstacles.

When Everything You've Been Through Leads to a Dead End

Think of all the things you’ve been through on this journey to succeed as an online entrepreneur – the fear, the overwhelm, the time management problems and more. It could all end in one drastic and sorrowful thing – giving up.

Many people look at their past journey and the failures they’ve experienced with shame. They’re embarrassed by what’s happened, and often compare themselves to the overnight (often phony) success stories other marketers share openly on sales pages.

Instead, you need to look at everything you’ve done with immense pride. You’ve gone after something you’ve wanted. You made efforts. You attempted something that few people have the guts to do.....

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