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7 Common Forms of Success

7 Common Forms of Success

If you ask five different people their idea of success, you will likely get five different answers. This is because everyone's version of success is different.

According to the dictionary, success is defined as accomplishing an aim, purpose, or objective. You are likely successful when you do a set of actions that result in achieving a goal. Learning how everyone identifies success can help you understand yourself better to unlock more opportunities and achieve everything you want in life.

Here are seven forms of success to achieve more in life.

Inner Success

Your inner success includes your emotional success – for example, how you are feeling on the inside such as your state of mind, self-esteem, and overall outlook in life. Generally, inner success means having a more positive outlook on life and truly believing in your abilities.

Physical Success

This is about how your body feels overall – including illness, disease, fitness, energy levels, and physical appearance. Taking care of your physical self will ensure and enhance every other success you experience.

Family Success

Building strong family relationships and giving your family a safe place to be with you is a very difficult process that takes time and commitment to make happen. However, if you know how you want your family to look and how you want them to feel, and you know the steps to make it happen, you will succeed.

Career Success

Knowing what you want to do in your life – whether it’s a job, a business, or something else entirely – is very important to your overall life success. Money comes into career success, of course, but it’s more about feeling that what you do contributes to how you want to be known. Knowing what you want here and ensuring you follow a plan to achieve the desired results is essential.

Material Success

This means things or possessions, such as having cars, a house, clothes, and jewelry – whatever it is that you believe defines your success materially. It might be that you value minimalism or that you want the 10,000 square foot mansion. Of course, nothing you want is wrong. But you have to know what it is and ensure it matches your principles, morals, and values before you embark on achieving it.

Impact Success

When you know what type of impact you want to have on your environment and those around you, you’ll be much more likely to achieve it. For example, perhaps you’ve determined that to be truly satisfied in life, you want to empower and serve others in a specific way. Once you accomplish that specificity, you’ve achieved the impact success you desire.

Commercial or Economic Success

Some folks feel successful when they have achieved a certain amount of economic success, defined by what you see as the measure. So, if you believe having $2.5 million invested in stocks, a paid-off three thousand square foot house, and the ability to see any doctor in the world as success, then that’s how it should be defined for you.

Success is personal to you and can include one or more of these categories. The more you understand these different types of success, the easier it is to achieve happiness as you unlock key information about yourself. Achieving success is not about matching your friends' or families' ideas. It's about what you enjoy, love, and wish to achieve.


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