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Get Committed to the Routine of an Entrepreneur

Get Committed to the Routine of an Entrepreneur

Routines are important when you’re working for yourself. It holds you accountable to whether or not you’re making progress versus allowing yourself to get away with being a slacker just because you can.

Not only that, but it helps you step up and serve your audience better, too. They rely on you for consistency, and if you’re not in a routine of carrying out tasks like posting to your blog or emailing them, the random communication will wear thin.

The first thing you want to have in your routine is to check emails. You want to stay on top of customer support issues, so that if someone needs your help, they know they’ll have your attention right away.

You may want to do it more than once a day – such as checking morning, afternoon and evening. You want to set up a schedule for how often you do things, such as creating a blog post or email – or posting to a social networking site....

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Develop a Love of Learning

Develop a Love of Learning

If you’re going to be a leader or coach of any kind, helping people with their goals in any niche, you have to develop a love of learning. This isn’t the typical school type of learning you couldn’t wait to escape.

This is driven by your passion to help people. One thing that intimidates many people and prevents them from succeeding is that they mistakenly believe that if they have no degree or certification, they can’t compete in the marketplace.

But when you’re helping others with things as a leader or coach, you don’t need all of that. As a doctor or lawyer, you would – but not for these purposes. Your job is to stay informed!

You just need the ability and desire to help people. To do that, you should want to stay informed of cutting edge information and a variety of strategies that you could pass along to your audience.....

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Be Your Biggest Supporter, Not Your Worst Enemy

Be Your Biggest Supporter, Not Your Worst Enemy

A lack of confidence is a dream killer, so if you go into this business assuming you’ll fail, you’re probably right. One of the things that intimidates most people is comparing themselves to other, already successful marketers.

You see their incredible earnings and hear their tale of rags to riches and it sounds like lightening couldn’t possibly strike twice. The most basic mindset you have to possess is that you are capable.

You’re going to have enough people not believing in you along the way – your friends and family who have no idea about online marketing and think everything is a scam, your prospective customers who look at everyone suspiciously until they prove themselves, and affiliates and others in your industry who wonder if you’ll be a legitimate and ethical person or someone who ruins their reputation....

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The Low Threshold of Entrepreneurial Success

The Low Threshold of Entrepreneurial Success

Most people who dream of success as an online entrepreneur imagine it to be some out-of-reach endeavor that may only be achievable by a stroke of luck for a few people who attempt it.

But the reality is, the bar is actually set pretty low for people who want to earn a living online. The fact is, many view basic work tasks as insurmountable obstacles, when in reality, they’re not doing much more than a corporation would require of them if they got hired to work for someone else.

The only difference is, you’re creating your own path, and the insecurity that comes with that is what defeats you, not the industry itself. There are five fundamental things you can do to ensure you coast through this process with ease.....

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Make This Your Best Year Ever

How To Map Out and Reach Your Ultimate Goals This Year
If you check through your experience, you will most likely have a year you feel is the best among the rest. Nonetheless, you can always have a year that can be better than the previous one.

In fact, you can make this year the best ever! How? It all depends on your plans and how you execute them. Note that it’s not all about having a fantastic plan.

Many people have great plans that peter out as the year goes on. So, executing the plan is the most important thing.

This guide will provide you with the information you need to map out the year to have awesome experiences.

Your plan is like a strategy that guides the way you go through the year. If you are in the military, you don’t make plans when you get to the enemy’s zone.

The plan to execute when the initial one isn’t working is plan B, which is still a plan. It’s only on rare occasions that a militant group has to come up with a strategy on the forefront...

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Strategic Planning Is What Will Catapult Your Success

Strategic Planning Is What Will Catapult Your Success

One of the worst things you can do to yourself as an entrepreneur is to proceed without a proper plan in place. Many people wrongly assume that as an entrepreneur, you can just sort of do whatever you feel like doing, flying by the seat of your pants.

If you choose to do that, what will inevitably happen is you get off track from where you want to end up, and eventually spiral out of control and end up dissatisfied with how your business has turned out.

Planning has many different levels that you should be familiar with. First, there are long term goals - things that you only expect to achieve after years of putting in the work. This could be anything from owning your own location and office to owning a house of a certain size using the profits made from your business.

These goals are important because they give you something to work towards, which at least gives you a destination. Next, there are short term goals, which you could hope to achieve in a few weeks or with a few months of work.

This might be something like receiving your first paycheck from your own business, or making your first big sale. These goals are also important, because if you’re only working toward far off, long term goals, then you’ll feel stuck after awhile of not reaching them.

Closer, more easily attainable goals can help you feel as though you’re making good progress. Finally, you should have milestones that you can reach, leading you toward your long term goals.

These milestones help you keep track of progress, and can range from the number of clients you’re working with to a certain salary that you’re making. These can be good indicators of when you’re moving in the right direction.

As long as you’re continuing to achieve your milestones, you’re getting closer to those long term goals. Having strategic plans doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have every moment of every day scheduled.

Many people can get overwhelmed when they have to map out every little thing that they’re going to do, and if something goes wrong, they’re going to have their whole schedule thrown off.

By having a slightly more general plan, while still having it be well structured, you can remain flexible in the face of adversity, while keeping yourself on track as the weeks go by. Don’t hesitate to really plan out your entire pathway to your long term goals and check in on them as time progresses.

Entrepreneurial Success Is for Energetic Individuals

Entrepreneurial Success Is for Energetic Individuals

To achieve entrepreneurial success, you need a certain level of energy. Just being aware of your need for it won’t always make it materialize. Sometimes, you may have to put forth effort to cultivate the energy that you need.

Those who do well in a niche they choose know that energy is the for getting things done and in deciding which direction to take whenever there’s a problem or choice to make.

Lacking energy can affect your business. Mental energy means you have the mindset, attitude or emotional capacity to do whatever type of mental work needs to get done - such as brainstorming an upcoming project or working on completing a design step for a product launch.

Having the physical energy that you need is important, because when you feel drained, you’re not going to want to do anything. If you do try to get tasks done, it’ll take you twice as long and you’ll use more of your physical resources.

If you’re struggling with feeling energetic, there’s something that you can do to remedy the situation. Understand that energy attracts energy. If you stay stagnant, that will create more inertia.

To overcome your lethargy, challenge yourself to do at least one thing a day that benefits your entrepreneurial endeavor. This might be something like outlining a blog post or reaching out to affiliates.

Whatever you do, just accomplish one thing each day and you’ll find that what happens is the movement, which is a form of energy, will create more energy that you will then feel and benefit from.

It can also help if you have someone that you check in with - such as an accountability partner who is also an entrepreneur. You want someone in a similar business because they’ll often have strengths in the area in which you’re struggling.

Set up a plan to text or email this person daily so that you can go over what you were able to accomplish. Then you can discuss or brainstorm ways to add to that accomplishment.

Connecting with like-minded individuals will often help to boost energy and your mood as well. Make sure that the tasks that you’re working on each day are money tasks. When you start seeing the money come in, it creates momentum.

It’s a tangible reward of the effort that you’re putting in. Your brain’s reward center will be triggered and that will further boost your energy and enthusiasm. You can develop physical energy by limiting stress, which drains you physically and also by deliberately choosing to exercise.

Exercise boosts your endorphin levels, which give you energy. Embrace other healthy habits like getting plenty of rest and eating a nutritious meal plan. If you’re not feeling energetic, put something in plan today so you don’t put off your goals.

Sharpen Your Competitive Skills to Have an Edge in the Marketplace

Sharpen Your Competitive Skills to Have an Edge in the Marketplace

You can start any kind of business online. The marketplace is wide open for entrepreneurs. But, because anyone can do it, consumers have countless options to choose from.

In order to have an edge in the marketplace, you need to be sure that your competitive skills are sharp. Continually honing your skills can make your business one that your competitors have to watch out for.

Don’t look at your competition as something to be afraid of. Having competition is one of the best ways to sharpen your skills as well. Investigate your competition. Look at what they’re doing with their business and see how you can improve on that.


Research how they handle the launch of a product. Look at what their social media and their website has to say when it comes to interacting with customers. See what kind of value they’re offering.

Check out how they handle customer service interaction. Do a quick search to see if they have customer complaints and if so, is there a unifying factor within those complaints?

Take this information back to your own customers. Figure out where they need support and what it is that they’re looking for that you can deliver. Having this information will allow you to be able to do better than other businesses in the same field.

You’ll be able to use the knowledge to gear your product or services to handle whatever it is that your competition is lacking or has mishandled. You always want to make sure that you’re paying attention to what consumers are saying as well as what they’re searching for.

By doing research, you’ll often find that there’s a space between what’s being offered and the needs of the customers out there. You’ll be able to fill this need in the marketplace when you know what’s missing.

When you research, you sharpen your edge because it enables you to be able to understand and prove to the customer why your business is different and therefore, better than the competition.

It allows your brand to stand out. Don’t ever fall into the trap of believing that you’ve arrived and that your company has reached a ceiling. There’s always room to grow  your skills and overhaul the ones you’re already using.

Keep an eye on developing yourself professionally. This might mean taking a course or signing up for management classes. It may mean that you invest in new technology for the business so that you it can improve your competitive skills.

Never stop learning. Never stop improving. Never stop meeting consumer needs. It’s how well you build a loyal customer following that will continue to make your business profitable.

Be a Risk Taker without Being Foolish

Be a Risk Taker without Being Foolish

One of the most misunderstood concepts of entrepreneurship is the concept of taking risks. Risks are a necessity at times, and when they’re not necessary, they can be helpful.

They often provide you with opportunities that you might not have been confident in before. This does not mean that you should take every single risk that you can think of, or that’s presented to you, because they will not all have positive outcomes.

It seems that some people interpret risk as a shot in the dark, or a leap of faith. While those are certain types of risk, they might be the worst type of risk you could take as an entrepreneur.

A risk isn’t just something that you have no idea about. As long as you’re not 100% sure of the outcome, it is a risk of some kind. Therefore, you should carefully analyze what it is you’re going to be doing and what the chances are that the risk works in your favor.

For example, if a company offered you a request for a very large shipment of your goods that you knew you couldn’t fulfill, but they offered a very good price, would you take the risk that may you could meet the demand?

On one hand, you might not be able to properly fulfill the customer’s request, but on the other hand you’d be paid well. So, you must evaluate the risk between your company’s reputation and legitimacy and a slightly larger paycheck.

In this case, you should carefully reflect on whether or not you can meet the demand, or be upfront and honest with your customer and risk losing the sale instead of your reputation and future business.

You should never rush into any decision. Always take your time and carefully consider all of the scenarios that could play out and how they would affect you and your business.

If someone is rushing you into making a decision, you most likely should decline it. Chances are, they’re trying to get you to say yes to something that would negatively affect you and benefit them, instead.

Any time you decide to take a risk, be sure to look it over as closely as possible, and if you can, get some other people to look it over with you to hear their opinions on the matter.

You should try to analyze it as well as you can so that you can make an educated guess instead of a blind one and weigh the consequences if it fails. It’s natural to always assume that the positive outcome will happen, but you shouldn’t be surprised if a risk doesn’t go the way you want it to. This doesn’t mean that you did something horribly wrong or that you should never take a risk again, but rather that you just got unlucky this time or needed to take a different approach.

You Must Be Determined to Succeed Against All Odds

You Must Be Determined to Succeed Against All Odds

Many people who are interested in being entrepreneurs don’t mentally prepare themselves well enough for the struggles and roadblocks they’re bound to face. It seems like a massive risk to try to succeed as an entrepreneur, and you don’t want to leave a decent job that you may already have, if you fear it won’t work out.

When you start trying to navigate the career of an entrepreneur and you encounter a rough patch or an obstacle, you shouldn’t just give up right then and there like so many people do.

Hardships as an entrepreneur, or as a working person in general, are inevitable. Everyone will hit a point eventually where things don’t work out the way they’d like them to, but when you work for a company, there’s usually someone else (or a team) involved in making the tough decisions about what happens next.

Working for yourself, you’ll either have to put in extra work or completely overhaul your approach to the matter. It’s just a part of life. So, when you encounter situations like this as an entrepreneur, there’s no reason why you should panic or quit.

You can’t stress yourself out worrying about wasting time, money or even effort. Whether your current goal is to climb the ranks at your job, get a different job, or start your own business, the worst thing you can do is look back on your life years down the road and wonder how things may have worked out differently.

If you think it’s worth giving it a shot, do it with full confidence. Even if it doesn’t pan out the way you thought it would, it’s still far better than being left with the uncertainty of, “What if?”

In entrepreneurship, it’s particularly scary as a career, especially if you quit your job for it. If you’re dedicating extra time on the side to it, it’s not as bad, but if you’re going all in on it as a career, of course you’re going to be nervous.

However, you can’t let that stop you. You have to expect that there will be setbacks, and there will be tough times when it seems like your business isn’t going to work out, but you have to have confidence.

Otherwise, you’re pretty much just going to give up on it if the going gets tough - and it will certainly fail then. At least with confidence, you’re giving yourself a chance to see things through to fruition.

Certain things that can seem like the end of the world to new entrepreneurs may just seem like minor speedbumps to those who are more seasoned with this line of work. You’re not going to be doing everything correctly and making all the right moves right off the bat.

Even if you were, you’d still be encountering some form of difficulty in your path to success, so you should learn to get used to the ups and down and learn how to work through difficulties instead of panicking and running at the first sight of them.

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