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Top 6 Things That Will Trigger Your Anxiety

Top 6 Things That Will Trigger Your Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are incredibly common, as are many of the things that will trigger anxiety. For most people dealing with anxiety, they find that they have multiple triggers, while other people’s anxiety attacks are triggered for no reason at all. If you want to gain control of your anxiety, it’s important to discover any triggers that you may have. Here are six common triggers that can cause your anxiety to rise.

Health Issues

A diagnosis of a medical condition, like cancer or a chronic illness, can trigger anxiety or make it worse. This is a powerful trigger because of the immediate and personal feelings that it tends to produce. You can help reduce your anxiety by being proactive and engaged with your doctor.


There are certain over-the-counter and prescription medications that can trigger your symptoms of anxiety. Many of the active ingredients in some medicines may make you feel unwell or uneasy, which can set off a series of reactions in your body and mind that may lead you to experience anxiety.


Your morning cup of coffee may be triggering or making your anxiety worse. According to a recent study, people with panic disorders are especially sensitive to the anxiety-inducing effects of caffeine.

Skipping Meals

Not eating will cause your blood sugar to drop, which can lead to jittery hands and can trigger your anxiety. Eating balanced meals is important because it will provide you with energy and essential nutrients.

Negative Thinking

Much of your body is controlled by your mind, and it’s certainly true when dealing with anxiety. When you’re frustrated or upset, the words that you say to yourself can trigger greater feelings and increase your anxiety. If you tend to use negative words when you think about yourself, you need to learn how to refocus your language.

Financial Concerns

Worries about your lack of savings or massive debt can trigger anxiety. So can unexpected bills or money fears. You might have to seek the help of a professional, like a financial advisor, to learn how to manage these kinds of triggers. It can help to ease your concern if you feel as if you have a guide through the process.

Identifying your anxiety triggers might take some time, but it is essential so that you can learn how to manage your symptoms and hopefully, you can eventually overcome it and get back your life.


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