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Five Secrets to Working Smarter but Not Harder

Five Secrets to Working Smarter but Not Harder

To save time and energy, as well as increase your productivity and motivation, you need to work smarter rather than harder. In other words, finding ways to adapt your daily schedule to do less with the same or more impact can allow you to achieve more success and happiness in life.

Being busy does not mean you are being productive, and having a lot of free time does not mean you are lazy. You can do little work while still working hard.  

Here are five secrets to working smarter and not harder to achieve more in life.

Focus on High-Impact Tasks First

When you think about the impact of a task or action before you think of any other factor, and when you place impact above all other criteria, you’ll accomplish more with less stress faster. And you guessed it – you’ll create more impact.

Work In Batches

When you look at your to-do list, think of how you can combine tasks that match to batch your work. For example, if you are a blogger and you need to write more blog posts, try to write five blog posts about the same or similar topic in one sitting instead of just doing one at a time. So, you’ll do your research, then you’ll do your outlining, then the writing, then the editing, and finally you’ll upload them.

Time Block Your Schedule

Rather than setting up strict times for everything, block your time instead. For example, you might decide that from 8 to 11, it’s your “morning routine,” and then from 12 to 3, it’s your “afternoon routine.” During these times, you’ll get done the things as they are happening and not on a strict schedule.

Create Realistic To-Do Lists

When you create your to-do lists, don’t overload them. Instead, consider how long it really takes you to get things done and remember to add in set-up time, travel time, and clean-up time if necessary. You want to make your lists doable, so account for all the time it will take.

Incorporate Stress Management Techniques

When you are unable to focus, take a five-minute break. Go for a walk. Do some push-ups. Eat a snack. Grab some water. When you reduce the stress that you’re experiencing, you can get back into focus faster.

Give each of these ideas your attention so that you can unlock the secret to working smarter and not harder. Life is not about working hard, and there is no guarantee that you will be compensated fairly just because you do. Working smarter is about finding ways to save time and do less with the same or better reward in the end. Working smarter can lower your stress, increase your productivity, and let you live a happier and more rewarding life.


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