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Marketing Your Recurring Revenue System

Your next step is to think about how you're going to market your recurring revenue system. You want to be attracting your prospective customers and enticing them to become subscribers, and that begins with a targeted marketing campaign and customer segmentation.

Think about how you want to differentiate your customers, whether it's by specific interests, pain points, budgets, etc. You may want to sit down and develop a buyer persona for each segment of your business so that you can better understand their needs and what they are looking for.

This helps you tailor your messaging within your content, whether it's on your blog, social media, or elsewhere. For each audience, you need a compelling message that communicates the heightened value you are going to be delivering to them whenever they sign up for your recurring system.

This should be a benefits driven list of features that translate into perks they can understand for their own life. You need to showcase the transformation that will take place whenever they become a member or user.

You're not just positioning your brand as one that is attractive for their needs, but your position yourself as that trusted leader and guide who will help them achieve their goals within the community of your recurring income system.

In addition to content marketing on your blog and social media marketing where you relay the value you will be providing to your subscribers, you can also use live events that are open to the general public and get people on your list using a value pack lead magnet so that you can cater to them directly via email.


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