Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint – Day 5 - Must Have Solutions

Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint – Day 5

Day 5

Customer Service Procedure - Respond to What Your Audience Mentions or Points Out

When someone from your audience gives you their opinion about an issue, you’ll want to pay attention. This can be constructive criticism that, if it’s useful and you heed it, can improve your business.

You might have someone reach out to you and tell you that your font is too light. Or they might point out that there’s too much text or that the posts are too wordy. You could use a darker font and see how that works.

You could also try streamlining and shortening your posts or switching to a different format such as using bulletpoints. If someone tells you something they’re struggling with, it might make you think of something you can create based on that issue.

Mention to those who do take the time to reach out that you appreciate them. Share what they’ve said and you could even turn that into a blog post pointing out what steps you took to address that issue.

Send the person who reached out a surprise that’s relevant to the topic. When you have a plan to handle your business, it can help you stay organized so that all your tasks are done well and in a timely manner.....

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