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Developing Your Recurring Revenue Funnel

Now that you know what options you have available to you, let’s talk about you developing your own funnel of recurring revenue. The foundation of your business is going to be to develop a funnel that is irresistible to prospective customers.

They are looking for a few things from you. It starts with the value you can provide to them. How is your product or membership going to change their life or solve a problem for them in a unique way?

Secondly, you have to think about pricing. You can have one price if you want to, but it's often better if you can devise a way to have different tiers of pricing so that you can attract people and separate budget groupings based on their needs, where you charge people more if they need more from your product or membership.

You also have to consider bonus perks. For example, you might have an early bird launch discount for when you bring the product to market. Or, you might have exclusive member only bonus downloads.

You also have to think about the issue of customer retention. It's not just about how you're going to get people on board, but how you are going to keep them subscribed so that your income doesn't fluctuate month to month.

Part of how you'll do this is by continuing to deliver value to them and not just meet, but exceed their expectations. For example, you might have a live webinar from time to time where you allow them to interact with you and ask questions or you might release a case study that is exclusive to people in your membership.

Think about your funnel and how you are going to implemented online. It's going to start with the attraction process, where you are publishing content that brings people to your blog or social media accounts and presents the free lead magnet that gets them on your list.

Next, you're going to nurture those prospects via email marketing so that you can prove the value you offer to people, and help them let their guard down so that they are more open to signing up for a recurring payment system.

You'll then present them with your offer, whether it's a membership for ongoing courses, some sort of licensing, or the use of a product and you will need to not only include a strong call to action to help it convert, but also incentivize them with bonuses and options such as price tiers that can meet their budget.

In most cases, consumers don't like to be left on their own, and it's easier for them to disengage with your brand if they have no connection with you. So anytime you can have a live stream, webinar, or Q&A series with them, it helps to build that dedicated relationship that makes them want to keep being a customer.


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