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30 Day Service Provider Blueprint

30 Day Service Provider Blueprint

Working for others in a corporate situation, where a boss dictates what you’ll be doing, at what hours, and at what pay level is something many men and women are looking to escape.

Even those who seek “work at home” positions don’t realize it’s the same crippling situation, only from a remote workspace. There is a better option if you are willing to embark on a career as an online entrepreneur.

You can set up a business as a freelance service provider who meets the needs of clients they select, at a pay grade they set, working any hours they deem fit for their own personal lifestyle.

This is a much better solution than simply looking for another job with a boss who may seem nice during the interview, but eventually make demands of you that cause you to sacrifice your happiness and personal satisfaction.

Using the 20-day business plan below, you’ll be able to launch a career as a freelancer quickly, easily and on a minimal budget and before you know it, you’ll be able to walk away from the corporate life once and for all.

Day 1: Decide Whether Freelance Work Is Right for You

Freelancing isn’t the right career for everyone. You have to understand that you’ll have burdens to shoulder without a team of coworkers, like doing the marketing for your business, dealing with clients, creating deliverables and so on.

But if you enjoy the idea of being your own boss, and don’t mind putting in the effort to build a reputation as a go-to provider, you’ll thrive with this kind of work. You get to say no when a client isn’t the right fit.

You get to determine your income, although eventually you may hit a ceiling of earnings when you max out your price sheet against what customers are willing to pay. After all, there are only so many hours in a day for you to earn (but we will discuss a workaround for this, too).

You can work a typical 8-5 day or work from 10PM -3 AM if you prefer. There are no rules on hours. You can even work from the park as your kids play, if you want to. You’ll have more time to visit friends and family – which can help, since you won’t have coworkers to bond with....

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