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30 Day Private Label Rights Launch

30 Day Private Label Rights Launch

Content is something all online marketers need an ample supply of. From blog posts to email autoresponders, social media content, products and more – it’s the one area that many online entrepreneurs seek help with.

The problem with securing help is that ghostwriters can be a budget-buster. Few marketers have the funds it takes to keep a steady stream of content to help them build a list, sell products and bring in traffic.

A great alternative many invest in is called private label rights (PLR). This is content that is ghostwritten, but sold to multiple buyers, so it can be priced at an enormous discount. For example, a 5-page lead magnet might cost $50 or more from a solo freelancer, but only $5 when a PLR version is purchased.

The PLR buyer saves a ton of money and gets great content, and the PLR seller makes more money than if they would have ghostwritten for just one individual, because many people pick up their content.

Some PLR sellers have stores where they house all of their content for sale. But you don’t have to go that route. You can consistently host launches of PLR content and rake in thousands of dollars using the 30-day launch blueprint found below.

Day 1: Create a Master File of Top PLR Topics

The first thing you want to do is set yourself up with a master list of profitable PLR topics you can pull from over the coming weeks, months and years. These will be content packs you develop for your launches.

Some sellers like to stick to one slant, like personal development – while others cover a wide array of niche topics. Take a look on third party platforms like Warrior Plus and JVZoo to see what PLR topics are making good sales.

You want to know the niche topic, whether it’s selling or not, and what type of content people are snapping up – such as lead magnet reports, full funnels, product reviews, video PLR or something else....

Read on by downloading your free copy of the full blueprint here-below!

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