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30-Day Info Product Blueprint

30-Day Info Product Blueprint

With the creation of the World Wide Web came unlimited moneymaking opportunities to reach target audiences who were craving information about a wide variety of topics. To meet the heavy demand, online marketers have been creating blogs, video channels, and products to serve their needs.

Previously, a consumer would have to enroll in a college course or purchase a print book to absorb the details they wanted to know. But now, it can be downloaded in an instant – from the comfort of their own home, or streamed onto their device immediately.

As someone who wants to profit from the demand for information, you have the ability to do it without putting in a lot of money or investing in expensive tools. It’s easy and fast to create and launch an info product.

Below, you’ll find a 30-day plan to help guide you in the tasks you need to do in order to launch an info product into the digital marketplace. If it takes you more time (or less), that’s okay – every operates at a different speed.

Day 1: See What’s Selling

If you want to become a competitive info product seller, you need to know what kinds of products to release into the marketplace. They might be a variety of media formats, niche topics – some broad, some drilled down, etc.

Look to see if people are selling one-off courses, memberships, coaching, and more. You want to know what topics are selling best. You can learn a lot just by looking at various marketplaces to see what’s on bestseller lists.

If you’re in a niche where there are multiple narrow topics, like diets, you want to know what is most in demand, like keto versus calorie deficit, for example. This will help you tailor your creation to a hungry audience....

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