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30 Day Content Marketing Blueprint

30 Day Content Marketing Blueprint

Content marketing is an integral part of almost every business model in the world of online marketing. You need content to represent your brand, communicate ideas and expertise with your audience and encourage them to take action.

But you can’t just create and slap content up on the Internet and expect to get great results. You have to know how to use it strategically, which means understanding what kind of content to use – when to use it, and where.

Below, you’ll find a list of daily tasks that should last you a full month with your content marketing efforts. You’ll be able to build a brand and a list, engage with your audience and see an increase in traffic and sales.

Day 1: Know Exactly Who You're Targeting

Pinpointing your demographic is something many marketers fail to do. They cast a wide net with broad, generic content, hoping someone will eventually spend money with them.

There’s a better way to do this. You want to choose an audience to cater to. It might be by age group, gender, or some other criteria like interests or experience levels, finances and more.

You want your content to cater to a specific audience, so your messaging can be on point. Create a customer avatar, which is a representation of who you plan to target with your online efforts, and this will be something you can refer to when you create content to ensure it meets their needs......

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