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30 Day Blog Idea Blueprint

30 Day Blog Idea Blueprint

Regardless of the niche that you’re in, you need to have a blog. This is key to being able to understand not only what customers want, but to build a relationship with them. Your blog is a chance for you to reveal your expertise without anyone having to buy something upfront, making it easier to build trust with readers.

What some entrepreneurs do is start a blog but then it gets tedious or difficult to keep producing the posts. So they engage in a hit or miss approach to blogging and that just doesn’t work for your business because your customers will look for what they need elsewhere if you’re not providing it.

Understandably, blogging regularly can make anyone run out of ideas about what to write. In the 30 day blueprint found below, you’ll find many ways to put a new twist on existing content so that you’re always delivering something fresh for your readers.

Day 1: Talk About What the Customer Can Use

This slant will never get dull because there will always be something new releasing into the marketplace that your customers can use. It’s easy to figure out what these items are by knowing what troubles they’re having such as trouble losing weight, trouble falling asleep at night, trouble creating an eBook cover, etc.

You can also focus on wants too, and not just needs - such as the desire to be their own boss, to travel, to develop better relationships and so on. You can offer these customers your products or ones from other entrepreneurs whether they’re digital or physical items.

But what you need to do is to reveal exactly why the customer needs this solution. You can talk about how the item helped you, or how it helped others and how they, too, can use it to succeed, to overcome obstacles, to feel better, etc.

You don’t necessarily have to talk about the item in depth, but make sure you provide the information they need in order to see how it fixes something for them or grants them what they desire....

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