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Working in Bulk and Automating Your Tasks

Working in Bulk and Automating Your Tasks

When you are trying to achieve your goals in incremental steps, it often causes you to go slower burn if you put all of your focus on one task and knock it out as a whole. A good example of this would be writing product reviews for your blog.

For many people, creating content means they have to put themselves in the right frame of mind and get in a certain groove where they are not distracted and can be on a roll for an extended period of time.

Working in bulk is a very effective method for some tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. If you are an affiliate marketer, then it stands to reason that you will need to publish product reviews on a regular basis.

Instead of spending time each and every day to write those product reviews, you could spend one or two days of the month creating 30 days’ worth of reviews. Then, instead of keeping them stored on your hard drive, you could enable a system where you take each product review through a publication process.

Blogging is one task that can be easily automated on a WordPress platform. You can queue up your product reviews to go live each and every day for a month or longer. In fact, you can create a publishing schedule that you can refer to so that you can see what topics will be published and when.

You can also develop mini systems for each of your tasks. For example, for those affiliates needing to publish product reviews on their blog, you might create a systematic approach to that process.

You could start by pasting the body of the content into the blog area. The next part of your system could be to make sure the product is properly hyperlinked. Then, you could insert any images or graphics that you wanted to include...

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